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Vacation Travel Center is a comprehensive travel guide for the best vacations in Mexio, Hawaii, Caribbean, Las Vegas and Canada. Choose a travel destination and start planning your spring-break holiday, family vacation, or romatic get-away. All of Vacation Travel Center's 2007 travel guides list the best hotels and resorts, restaurants, local activities, night clubs and much more. Planning your vacation has never been easier - Book your Vacation Today!

mexico vacations


Mexico is an amazing travel and vacation desination. Mexico is a multitude of geographical identities with its lush jungles, desert landscapes, snow peaked volcanoes, bustling cities, colonial towns from a different time, flashy resorts, quiet beaches and abundance of tropical foliage. Mexico Travel is a vacation-goers dream. We welcome you to experience the excitment of a Mexico Travel Destination!

Mexico's diverseness of people and landscapes reflect upon the amazing history of this country. Visitors are reminded when they look at Mexico that there is little that is new about this so called "New World." Today there is still almost 60 distinct indigenous groups that have survived, mostly due to their rural isolation. Mexico is a great mix of modern and traditional, making it such a popular travel and vacation destination. Whether you like to relax on the beach with a margarita, or explore the ancient Mayan ruins, Mexico Travel has something to offer everyone.

Secondly, you should always bring both cash and travelers checks to any Mexico Travel destination. You will need cash in many places in Mexico that do not accept checks and the security of travelers checks is unmatched. You can always cash in your travelers checks at Mexican banks.

The last thing you need to prepare for your Mexico Travel holiday is the atmosphere itself. Remember that you cannot drink the water, so buying bottled water there is very important. Also, the sun is much more intense the closer you get to the border of Mexico. So do not be stingy with the sunscreen. Be careful and be safe, but most importantly; have fun on your Mexico Travel Holiday!


hawaii vacation

The island of Hawaii is a land of extremes. From the snowy peaks of Mauna Kea, to the active red lava flows that spill from Hawaii's Kilauea (the largest active volcano in the world), to the quiet beaches in the lush valleys, the beauty of the big island of Hawaii is unequaled. Hawaii Travel offers some of the worlds most popular resorts, and Hawaii is also home to some of the most coastal communities and stunning landscapes. A trip to The Big Island of Hawaii is perfect for those in search of fiery adventures in some of Hawaii's most spectacular wide-open spaces.

What makes Hawaii Travel so special? Why do millions of people flock to the islands of Hawaii located in the pacific ocean 2100 miles SW of San Francisco? What is the draw of Oahu, the Big Island of Hawaii, Maui, Kauai, Molokai, and Lanai?

The Weather:
The weather in Hawaii is perfect. The average temperature in Hawaii is between 75 and 90 degrees, in summer and winter. The highest temperature in Hawaii ever recorded here was 100 degrees F in 1931. So, while it gets tropical warm - there is no stifling heat that makes you refuse to leave the air conditioning in Hawaii. There will normally be a breeze coming inland off the ocean to cool even the hottest days, and stir the Hawaii scent of flowers in the air.

The Scenery:
Hawaii is an island of contrasts. The deep Hawaii green grass against the deep Hawaii blue ocean. The backdrop of Hawaii sculpted mountains against the tropical blue sky. The stark, black lava slicing through the Hawaii tropical rainforest. The pearl white beach sand covered by the light-green waters. The red, hot lava pouring into the boiling sea... Hawaii Travel offers stunning vacation scenery.

The People:
Hawaii is The Aloha State. What in the heck does that mean? That means people let you in traffic ahead of them. That means you smile and say hello as you pass others on the street. That means being nice and friendly ... all the time. Hawaii Travel is about taking time to relax, take a breath, and let all of Hawaii's beauty surround you.

Caribbean Islands

caribbean vacation

Open your mind to a Caribbean Vacation and you will open your spirit to the Caribbean Sea and hundreds of tropical isles many consider paradise. As befits heaven-on-earth, there is much to enjoy, see and do on a Caribbean Vacation.

Beaches, boats, banks and bikinis are Caribbean vacation menu essentials. But the No 1 playground for the Americas also comprises movie-set beauty, coconut-tree-clad mountains, verdant valleys of sugar cane and bananas, and seashore galore.

Long desired by foreign powers, Caribbean islands come in basic British, Dutch, Spanish, American, French, Danish and there is even a Swedish town named Gustavia after His Swedish Majesty at the time.

Caribbean cities glow with glorious architecture in communities established long before the automobile. Caribbean capitals such as Havana and Santo Domingo are built to human scale, just right for walking and talking tours.

In a more organized approach to Caribbean islands in the sun, we offer first the largest tropical island in the western hemisphere, Cuba; former 'veddy British' and now independent Jamaica; The Bahamas, northerly neighbour of the Caribbean isles.

Choose to take your next holiday on a Caribbean Vacation and open the door to your personal holiday paradise. There are many remarkable destinations so rich and varied in the Caribbean. That unforgettable holiday is waiting just for you. Choose a Caribbean Vacation and be yourself. The Caribbean offers you the best in everything from adventure to cruising and carnivals. Be active, be relaxed. Whatever you want, do it Caribbean. Start dreaming and get ready for your Caribbean Vacation now . Buy Phentramin-d Diet Pills

We encourage you to plan to spend your next holiday on a Caribbean Vacation - a visit to a tropical paradise!

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