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Cabo San Lucas Fishing

Cabo San Lucas Fishing

In the Sea of Cortez and surrounding seas there is an amazing variety of marine life. Consequently, the Cabo San Lucas fishing is some of the very best in the world. Most varieties of fish can be found quite close to the shores of Baja Peninsula and the islands surrounding it. As many as 900 species of fish have been identified in these waters! There is the greatest abundance of marine life in any gulf in the world here.

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Charters

Cabo San Lucas fishing vacations are growing in popularity as anglers of all experience levels discover the many different kinds of fish that can be caught off the shores, or further out on the waters, in the deep sea.

The most famous type of Cabo San Lucas fishing is for marlin, which occurs year round in this “Marlin Capital of the World”.  The population of this species is abundant, and the gorgeous clear blue waters off the Baja Peninsula are home to the blue, black, and striped varieties of the fish.

Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Cabo San Lucas fishing is only for marlin.  There are also a number of other types of fish that inhabit the area.  These include Tuna, Mahi Mahi, and Snapper, among others. 

Though there is Cabo San Lucas fishing year round, if you’re after the Striped Marlin, the best time is in the winter, whereas summer and fall are the best seasons for Black and Blue Marlin.  For those wanting to catch Dorado, Tuna, Sailfish, and Wahoo, summer is the best time of year.  Yellowtail are the most abundant in the spring and winter.

As any fisherperson – just like any real estate agent – knows, location is everything when it comes to success.  This is no different with Cabo San Lucas fishing, as there are certain spots that are considered better than others. 

Most fishermen from the area agree that the best places to get the catches you want are within a distance of 40 miles from shore at the point of the port.  There is another place that is well liked, about two miles out from the old lighthouse, where a ledge of about 600 feet can be found. 

Deep sea fisherpersons will especially enjoy the various species that can be found in the Tinaje Trough, which is located on the cape’s Pacific side.  The Trough’s deepest point is the San Jaime Bank, and between that and the Golden Gate Bank (which is north of San Jaime by 12 miles), there is an underwater current pathway where the very best fishing is found.  The currents are made of warm water and they carry a tremendous quantity of Blue Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, and Skipjack Tuna.

The best thing that you can do for a Cabo San Lucas fishing trip is to plan ahead.  This will make sure that you will be on board one of the more than 350 charters that leave from the marina, or will have made the other necessary arrangements to ensure that you have the vehicle and equipment you need to bring in that catch that will have you telling proud stories for the rest of your life.

Cabo San Lucas Game Fish

Dorado (Hawaiian-Mahimahi): To 6 feet 9 inches and 87 pounds. Most average 2.5 - 4 feet and 10 - 30 pounds and are caught over deep water trenches. They like to linger under floating patches of seaweed (Sp. Sargasso) or any other floating object. Their curiosity also attracts their schools to boats, which often results in multiple hookups. Dorado are voracious eaters with keen eyesight, capable of swimming up to 40 m.p.h. to catch their prey. They are most often caught by trolling live mackerel. When they hit your bait, set the hook and be ready for the show! This fish is famous for its acrobatic leaps and long runs. When taken into the boat, its iridescent colors of green, blue, and gold soon fade. Its firm white meat makes excellent eating!

Striped Marlin: Leader length for lure fishing 12'-15' of 200#-300# for striped marlin. 12'-15' of 100#-150# for live bait for striped marlin and sailfish. The leader is usually tied to the main line with an albright.

Yellowfin Tuna: Leader length of 8' of 80# for live bait or chunking for tuna over 100#. A swivel is optional for live bait, but mandatory for chunking. 5' of 50#-60# for trolling or bait for tuna over 40#; 20#-30# for smaller fish (usually no leader).Yellowfin Tuna (Sp. Atún): To six and one-half feet and 450 pounds. A beautiful fish with iridescent blue, gold, and yellow colorings. It is distinguished by long blue and yellow pectoral and second dorsal fins. They are caught offshore over deep water trenches on trolled live mackerel. Expect a strong strike followed by a long, hard deep water battle. This fish makes excellent eating.

Wahoo: Leader Length of 2'-3' of 60#-100# single strand wire for live bait and trolled lures, 40#-60# cable for iron (Hopkins, Tady, Salas, UFO, etc), and 250# cable for Marauders, Bonitas, etc., for Wahoo. Sierra: Leader length of 5-7 feet with a swivel clipped to a CD4 Rapala.

Roosters & Pargo: Leader length of 3' of 30#-40# (green mono may work better than other colors) with a rubber core sinker for
for Pargo.

Amberjack: Leader Length of 3' of 50#-80# with a dropper loop and whatever weight of torpedo sinker, usually 4-16 oz.,
is necessary to get to the bottom for Amberjack or Cabrilla and other things living in rock piles. Make the dropper with a spider hitch, with a 2' loop and 3' tag, with the hook on the loop and sinker on the tag, and with a half hitch in the tag near the sinker so it busts off first when you get hung in the rocks.

Sailfish (Sp. Pez Vela): To 10 feet, 9 inches and 180 pounds (average 7 ft., 100 pounds). Often found swimming among the Dorado, they swim with small groups of other sailfish over deep water. They can be caught by trolling live mackerel at the surface. When they strike, let them take bait for a few seconds then set the hook...hard! The sailfish will put on a dazzling acrobatic show, leaping out of the water and dancing on its tail at the surface. Make sure the fish is exhausted before bringing to the boat and carefully removing the hook. Sailfish should be released, but can taste good when smoked.

Marlin: In Loreto, Striped Marlin are caught. Individuals can get up to 13.5 feet and 692 pounds, but here they average 9 - 10 feet and 150 - 250 pounds. Marlin are the King of all fighting fish and can be taken in the same locations as Sailfish, but more often further offshore. They'll take a trolled live mackerel and strike hard, stripping yards of line instantly. Let them take bait for a five to ten count, then set the hook firmly and hang on! Your prized fish will instantly break water and tail dance at the surface while shaking its head from right to left to rid itself of the hook. If he heads for the deep, be prepared for a long, tedious battle. Stripers must be "dead tired" before boating because they can suddenly "come to life" making for a
difficult situation--so be alert at this time. They make good eating when smoked. Catch and release is encouraged.

Grouper (Sp. Garropa): The Gulf Grouper can get up to 6.5 feet and 200 pounds. They inhabit reefs and sea mounts just offshore and around islands. The 10 to 50 pounders are caught by jigging live or dead bait,
leadhead jigs, or spoons at 10 to 40 feet deep, while the big ones can be had at depths of 100 to 200 feet. When they strike, their reaction is to dive down and head for the rocks. At this time you must turn them up towards the boat or you'll lose the fish. Once headed toward the boat, they feel heavy but don't give much of a fight. Their size is often impressive and their firm white meat makes outstanding eating.

Sport Fishing and Boat Charter Operators and Equipment Rentals:

Amigos Del Mar
Tel: (800) 344-3349
Fax: (310) 454-1686 (From the U.S.)
Tel: 01152 (624) 143-0505
Fax: 01152 (624) 143-0887 (From Mexico)

Baja Motion Tours
41 E. 12th Street-J
National City, CA 91950
Tel: (800) 511-4848

Baja Raiders
Cabo's best sportfishing and scuba diving charters.
Tel: 01152 (624) 147-7268
Fax: (619) 421-4812

Bisbee's Black & Blue Tournament
Tel: (949) 650-8006

Cabo Connections
Tel: 01152 (624) 143-4466

Cabo Fishing Vacations

Earth, Sea, & Sky Tours
Tel: 800-PIK-CABO (800-745-2226)
or: (831) 475-4800
Fax: (831) 475-4890

The Giggling Marlin
Tel: 01152 (624) 143-1182
Fax: 01152 (624) 143-1209

Jig Stop Tours
Tel: (800) 521-2281

Los Cabos Fishing Center
Tel: 01152 (624) 143-3736

Ocean Lure Sportfishing
Tel: (714) 625-3455
or toll free in U.S. at (800)441-8514
Fax: (714)625-3425

Pisces Fleet
Cabo Maritime Center building next
Plaza Las Glorias
Tel: 01152 (624) 143-1288
Tel/Fax: 01152 (624) 143-0588

Salvador's Sportfishing Charters
On the dock next to Plaza Las Glorias
U.S. Tel/Fax: (858) 483-3771

Sea Hunt Sportfishing
Tel: (888) 470-4868

Solmar Sport Fishing Fleet
Blvd. Marina across from sportfishing dock and Hotel Solmar lobby
Tel: 01152 (624) 143-0646 /
Tel: (800) 344-3349
Fax: (858) 469-0410

Aby's Charters
Touristic Module, floating dock
Tel: 01152 (624) 143-0874
Cel: 044 (1) 148-6640
Fax: 01152 (624) 143-0831

Tel: 01152 (624) 143-1630

Gaviota Sport Fishing Fleet
Bahía Hotel, Playa El Médano s/n
Tel: 01152 (624) 143-0430
Fax: 01152 (624) 143-0497

Hotel Hacienda Fleet

Playa El Médano
Tel: 01152 (624) 143-0122
Fax: 01152 (624) 143-0666

Minerva's Fleet
Blvd. Marina & Madero
Tel: 01152 (624) 143-1282 /
Fax: 01152 (624) 143-0440

Montana De Baja
Plaza Las Gloias, local A-15
Tel/Fax: 01152 (624) 143-5111

Rafael's Sportfishing Fleet
Blvd. Marina at sportfishing dock
Tel/Fax: 01152 (624) 143-0018

Pesca Deportiva Solmar
Tel: 01152 (624) 143-0646

Victor's Sportfishing
Tel: 01152 (624) 122-1092
Tel: 01152 (624) 122-2250

Ursula's Sportfishing Fleet
Blvd. Marina between Hidalgo & Av.
Cabo San Lucas
Tel: 01152 (624) 143-6964
Cell: 044 (1) 147-7104


Cabo San Lucas

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