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Cabo San Lucas Resorts

Cabo San Lucas Resorts and Hotels

There are many luxurious resorts and hotels in the Cabo San Lucas area. Cabo San Lucas combines charming Mexican ambiance with quality accommodations for your comfort and enjoyment! With Vacation Travel Center, vacations can be tailored to your specific interests during your stay in Cabo. Whether you are interested in strolling miles of pristine beaches, enjoying a game of golf, deep sea fishing, diving or dining in a variety of fine restaurants, you will find plenty to do and enjoy in Cabo San Lucas, combined with exceptional accomodations in Cabo San Lucas Resorts and Hotels.

No matter what type of accommodations you want or how big your budget may be, there are Cabo San Lucas hotels that will suit your needs and provide you with a fun and memorable vacation.  Though this used to be a location that was accessible only to the rich and famous, those days have now passed to allow tourists from all walks of life to enjoy the beauty and excitement of the area.

There was a time in which Cabo San Lucas hotels saw only individuals with private yachts and airplanes because it was the only way to reach this previously remote spot at the very tip of the Baja Peninsula.  Since then, the Mexican government has laid a modern highway to allow travelers to reach their destination by car or bus, and the Los Cabo International Airport has been significantly upgraded. 

As a result Cabo San Lucas hotels and resorts have sprung up all over the town and vacationers have filled their rooms and beaches consistently throughout the year.  Many of these accommodations are available with attractive beachfronts as well as private beaches that allow a more secluded experience from the crowds of the public areas.  Those located closer to the center of town are within easy walking reach of restaurants, shopping, and other attractions.  

If your primary interest is water sports, then you’ll likely want to consider Cabo San Lucas hotels on or near the shore.  That way, you’ll have the closest and easiest access to snorkeling, world class fishing, deep sea diving, and other activities on the water. 

While you’re drying off, don’t forget to ask around at the Cabo San Lucas hotels about the best places to enjoy the services of spas, as well as golf courses.  You’ll also find that there are very enjoyable and informative walking tours available in town that can help you to learn about the area.

If you choose accommodations that aren’t quite located in town, nor right on the water close to the town, then make sure that you will either be provided with free bussing into the town and its area, or that you have worked the cost of a rental car into your budget.  If you want to stay in town later than the bussing schedule allows from your hotel, bring taxi fare with you, as there are many cabs available for late night transportation back again.




Cabo San Lucas


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