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Cabo San Lucas Shopping

Cabo San Lucas Shopping

Cabo San Lucas is a shopping mecca where you can find unique artwork, handicrafts, clothing, jewelry, shoes, wine, and even Cuban cigars. Cabo San Lucas will definitely give the 'shop till you drop' crowd a run for their money! Most of the popular shopping stores are located on the main streets running through town. Other shops are situated in the malls on the north side of the Cabo marina.

Shopping on Cabo San Lucas Beaches

Playa Medano

There are few more relaxing ways to shop than strolling along a beach, with your shoes off and a cold drink in your hand. Playa Medano, Cabo's most popular beach offers the beach shopper a large selection of wares, including hats, blankets, shirts, jewelry, hand-carved woodwork, ceramics, glass items, and much more. Unlike some of the nicer shops in town where it is not generally accepted to negotiate, bantering back and forth on price is expected here at the beach, but also be respectful that people selling their wares on the beach are trying to make a living.

A few tips for shopping on Cabo San Lucas Beaches

  • Some of the best places to plop down for beach shopping is the popular area near The Office and Billigan's Island, located between the Hacienda Hotel at the west end and the Melia San Lucas at the east end.

  • If you are really interested in buying something, grab a table and chairs right up front, closest to the Sea of Cortez. These vendors are forbidden to walk around through the table areas unless they are called in. So you will have the largest selection of goods to choose from if you are in the front row of tables.

  • Being reasonable with your price expectations is always appreciated. Yes, negotiating is acceptable, but offering a price that is extremely low will not win you any friends. A general rule of thumb is to start negotiating by offering a price one forth of the asking price. If you eventually compromise on a price somewhere in the middle then both parties have done well.

  • You will usually be able to negotiate a better price if you purchase more than one item from any given vendor. But don't pull that ace out of your sleeve until the negotiations on the first item are almost finished!

  • Having smaller currency available usually helps your cause in negotiating, and makes the transaction run smooth on both ends. Dollars and pesos are readily accepted, credit cards are not. No tax will be charged. Providing a tip to a vendor that has been very helpful is always appreciated!

  • If you see a vendor coming your way with items that you know you are not interested in, your plan is easy. Avoid direct eye contact as they approach you. And when they ask if you are interested just say "no thank you" or "no gracias". They will move on fairly quickly.

  • Whether or not you ultimately buy is not that important. But it sure helps if you genuinely thank them for their time if you take a look at their inventory.

Shopping in Downtown Cabo San Lucas

Downtown Cabo San Lucas offers the most diverse shopping on the Cape! Almost any item you need can be found while walking the streets of Cabo San Lucas. Another advantage of shopping the various stores located throughout downtown Cabo is that you are able to obtain a greater appreciation for the flavor of town, the way it is laid out, and the general activity of the locals and tourists. Shopping in an enclosed mall shelters you from all this. Not that there aren't times when mall shopping has advantages. If you are shopping in Cabo on a hot August day with a moist tropical storm offshore, the controlled environment of an enclosed mall definitely has some advantages.

Most shops in downtown Cabo San Lucas now accept credit cards. All will accept american dollars and pesos. As far as negotiating prices is concerned, a good rule of thumb is that the nicer the shopping establishment, the less likely they are to want to haggle prices with you, but it is always worth a try.

For a small collection of shops downtown stop by Mercado Mexicano on Calle Hidalgo at Obregon. They sell baskets, rugs, blankets, handicrafts and leather of all types. Some price negotiating is expected.

Hot tip! As you walk through town on your shopping experience the chances are quite good that you will be approached, or lured, at least once to buy into a timeshare property. Take some advice... keep walking, smile, and say "no thank you". Your vacation time is too precious to spend in a 2 hour "free breakfast" presentation.

Cabo San Lucas Shopping Plazas

A great alternative to walking the streets of Cabo San Lucas is to go shopping in the various plazas (malls). There are several shopping plazas located in the downtown area, all within walking distance of each other, and all of them just steps away from Marina Boulevard.

Just like the malls back home, don't expect as many bargains in the plazas as the smaller shops in town. Most of the shops in the plazas accept credit cards, cash and pesos.

Plaza Aramburo

Plaza Aramburo is located just across the street (west) from El Squid Roe Restaurant. It is the furthest shopping plaza from the Marina, yet not more than a 5 minute walk away. If you are out on the town shopping, this plaza will probably be either your first or last stop.

Plaza Bonita

The Plaza Bonita Mall is located on Marina Boulevard at the very north end of the Cabo San Lucas Marina and across the street from Squid Roe. Credit cards, cash, traveler's checks, and pesos are accepted at most shops.

Plaza De La Danza

Plaza de la Danza is located on Marina Boulevard just before the Plaza las Glorias Hotel.

Plaza Del Mar

Plaza del Mar is located on Marina Boulevard on the east end of the tourist district next to Squid Roe, directly across the street from Hard Rock Cafe.

Plaza De Los Mariachis

Plaza de los Mariachis is located mid-way on Marina Boulevard right across the street from The Giggling Marlin.

Marina Cabo Plaza

Marina Cabo Plaza is situated on the marina in the heart of Cabo San Lucas along the boardwalk (Malecon).

Plaza Nautica

Located between Marina Boulevard and the Cabo Marina, on the east side of the street.

Plaza Del Sol

Located on Marina Boulevard across the street from The Giggling Marlin, and backing up to the Cabo Marina.


Cabo San Lucas

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