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Cabo San Lucas Water Sports

Cabo San Lucas Water Sports

Cabo Water Sports

If there’s one thing that you can know for certain, it is that Cabo San Lucas water sports are central to any vacation in the area.  This destination is designed around the enjoyment of the ocean so that you can take part in activities ranging from relaxing to exciting.

Its position at the very tip of the Baja Peninsula makes it ideal for Cabo San Lucas water sports, as it is located right where the Gulf of California meets the Pacific Ocean.  You’ll be able to try activities that you’ve never experienced before, and get back to the ones you love the most.  Everything is there and waiting for you.

Among the most popular Cabo San Lucas water sports are kayaking and snorkeling.  This is because they provide a unique way to view the water, the scenery, and the undersea world, without an enormous price tag.  Equipment can be rented from any of several companies on the shore, and you can enjoy several hours of adventure and exercise.  At the same time, though, it doesn’t take up so much time that you’ve lost an entire day, so you’ll still have lots of time to enjoy other activities while you’re on vacation.

Other popular Cabo San Lucas water sports activities include riding a waverunner, skimboarding, and learning to sail.  You may even be able to see one of the yachts that have (or will) competed in the America’s Cup.  You can watch them on the water, or you may even board one to have a look for yourself.

Boat tours allow you to head out further from the marina for your Cabo San Lucas water sports. They are available several times per day, and allow you to go whale watching or snorkeling.  Some boats have glass bottoms so that you can enjoy the view of the undersea world, without having to get wet.  You’ll be able to travel around the gorgeous coves teeming with tropical fish, such as the Chilleno and Santa Maria Bays.

If you like that experience, you can take it one step further by traveling out on Oceanus Mini Subs, which are among the more trendy aquatic activities in the area.  They are similar to a water scooter, but are self contained and allow you to head under the surface of the water.  This Cabo San Lucas water sports equipment doesn’t require any certification or licensing to operate, allowing you to be on your way after a few short minutes of operation instructions.


Cabo San Lucas

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