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Hawaii Beaches

Hawaii Beaches - Best Beaches in Hawaii

Hawaii Beaches

When you have Hawaii beaches in mind for your next vacation, then the Big Island will certainly have you covered for relaxing, swimming, surfing, and snorkeling.  That island alone has 23 of its sandy shores open to the public at any given time, allowing everyone to take advantage of the gorgeous coastline.

Typically speaking, most travelers find that it is most enjoyable to visit Hawaii beaches in the winter months because that is the time that the best swimming and surfing fun is available.  For example, on the Kona Coast, Mahaiula Beach is considered to be a winning location.  On the other hand, if exceptionally white sand is what you’d like to experience, then the beach along the coastline of Kekaha Kai State Park will provide you to with this experience in a stunningly exotic way.  You’ll be able to appreciate a number of unequalled views that are available only from this island.

In the summer months, some of the best activities also include swimming, but also boogie boarding and snorkeling.  Every one of the Hawaii beaches offers you an entirely unique experience no matter when you visit.  Have a look at them all from the summit of Puu Kiuili.  While you’re up at an altitude of 342 feet, you’ll be able to observe the Big Island coastline in a way that you never could from closer to sea level.  If you move out beyond the bay, you’ll love the chance to go scuba diving and explore lots of underwater adventures, ranging from caves and tunnels to an actual sunken ship.

Before heading out to the various Hawaii beaches, be sure to check to see if there will be lifeguards available.  Though there are lifeguards on some, they are not present on all, so it’s important to find that out before you head out.  Even if you are a strong swimmer, it is still best to head to a beach with lifeguards because they will be able to help you in case of high and heavy surfs, or even riptides.

It is usually very easy to access information about Hawaii beaches while you’re there.  The state has about one public beach for every mile of its coast.  It provides this data and recognizes that its surfing areas are valuable cultural, economic, and recreational resources.  This makes it easier to know where you should be heading on any given day of your vacation for the largest amount of fun.


Hawaii Beach

Best Beaches in Hawaii:

Old Airport Beach Park - What used to be the Kona Airport is now a super beach for relaxing, picnicking, and exploring. Hawaii Beaches

Honokahau Harbor beaches - A short hike along the north side of the harbor brings you to a long, quiet, and private area of white sand beaches. The beaches, part of Koloko Honokahau National Park, have several protected pools and thus are great spots for children. Hawaii Beaches

Natural Energy Lab beaches - Near the airport, this collection of shallow tide pools and sandy spots is a great place for plane watching, sunning, relaxing and exploring. Hawaii Beaches

Kona Coast State Park beaches - The road is long and pretty rough, but the trip is worth it. The beaches have salt and pepper sand and is a nice spot for swimming, picnicking snorkeling, shore diving, lazy body boarding and seasonal whale watching. Hawaii Beaches

Hapuna Beach State Park beaches - One of the nicest beaches in Hawaii and possibly anywhere, Hapuna has beautiful white sand, a clean sandy bottom, and great surf. This is the best beach on the island for the beginning body boarder. Hawaii Beaches

Kauna'oa Beach - This beach at Mauna Kea is a delightful spot with white sand, clear water and moderate surf. The snorkeling is good at the left end of the beach and this is a great place for children to try body boarding. Hawaii Beaches



Hawaii Big Island

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