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Hawaii Big Island Resorts

Island of Hawaii Resorts and Hotels

Hawaii Island hotels vary greatly from large resorts to quiet beach hidaways to luxurious hotels. Whatever your taste, you will find hotels in Hawaii that will satisy your every desire. The Island of Hawaii is an island of contrasts, an island of incomparable beauty, encompassing nearly every one of the earth’s major ecosystems, it is more than most people can imagine ­ it is the Big Island of Hawaii. Book your vacation with Vacation Travel Center and save on Hawaii flights, car rentals, resorts, hotels, tours and more. makes planning your Hawaii Island getaway simple and affordable.

Hawaii Hotels

When you stay at Hawaii hotels while you’re on vacation, you’ll be enjoying the luxury that only this island paradise can provide.  Whether you’re staying on the Big Island or any of the other smaller ones in the chain, you’ll be surrounded with natural beauty, a gorgeous culture, and a rich an important history.

Following World War II, when the islands became the newest American state, Hawaii hotels started popping up all over, to cater to the many tourists that began traveling there from all over the world. Drawn by the sunny warm weather and the natural beauty of the islands, tourists enjoy all different types of activities and luxuries from relaxing on the beaches to climbing the volcanoes and scuba diving.

There’s lots of information available online when you want to learn about Hawaii hotels.  Most of them offer information about their facilities, accommodations, location, and what’s nearby, as well as package deals that can make it even more affordable for you to book your trip.  Several are now also accepting online reservations to save you from having to make a long distance call or visit a travel agent.

The Hawaii hotels websites also show you lots of pictures so that you’ll be able to get a better idea regarding what to expect from the type of rooms to the layout of the building, the upkeep and maintenance, and how some of their other features – such as the swimming pool – appear.

Your choice from among the Hawaii hotels will depend on your needs, your tastes, and your budget.  Don’t forget, though, that as important as your accommodations are, you will want to make sure that they are located near the things that you’ll want to visit.  In terms of visiting this state, this will not only mean that you’ll want it to be nearby the various spots you’d like to go, but that it’s on the right island in the first place!

Among the most lavish Hawaii hotels are:

Fairmont Orchid – luxury accommodations on the Big Island that is known for pampering its guests and providing a beautiful and romantic experience for couples.

The Four Seasons Resort Hualalai at Historic Ka’upulehu - is also on the Big Island, providing everything from a romantic sunset at their poolside to a top quality golf course.

Hale Maluhia Country Inn Kona – the name means house of peace, and that is exactly how its guests feel from the luxury and relaxation it provides on the Big Island.



Hawaii Big Island


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