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maui beaches

Beaches in Maui Hawaii

Maui Beaches

There are over 80 Maui beaches that can be found along the island’s coastline, each with their own unique degree of beauty, and their own level of development.  Each of these coastal features comes with a virtually limitless expanse of turquoise water, from a stretch of gold, red, white, or black shore.  The views are unlike anything else you’ll see in the world, so make sure that you take a moment – or several – to take it all in.  You may find that your camera will become your best friend for each of these trips.

Each of the Maui beaches are open to the public, and one is only a short distance away from the next. This can allow you to experience quite a large number of them, even within a single day.  The following is a list of some of the top beach locations on the island.

  • Kaanapali Beach – though this is the primary name by which this location is known, it is also called Canoe, Keaka, or Dig Me Beach.  It features golden sand for a stretch of four miles, located just off Highway 30 in the western region of the island.  In 2003, it received the honor of being named “America’s Best Beach”.  This is one of the ultimate snorkeling spots in the Hawaiian islands. That said, it is also a favorite of surfers, swimmers, and other water sports enthusiasts.

  • Waianapanapa State Park – These state park is located in the eastern region of the island, off the Hana Highway.  It includes 12 acres of Maui beaches with unique and fascinating underwater caves and lava tubes, all surrounded by lava cliffs.  From there, you can take a hiking trail that will bring you right into Hana.  This stretch includes the famous Honokalani Black Sand Beach, which is actually made up of rich black pebbles.  The effect against the turquoise blue of the ocean water looks like something out of science fiction or fantasy scene.  Be aware that there can be strong rip currents and there are no lifeguards, so it can be very risky to swim here.

maui beach

Wailea Beach – This is located quite close to the Kahului Airport, along the southwestern coast.  This means that you could head directly there right after your arrival, if you wanted to.  The entire length of this crescent-shaped example of Maui beaches is rich in golden sand, and is sheltered by black lava points on either of its ends.  This keeps the water very calm for those who would like a leisurely swim.





Maui Hawaii


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