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Puerto Vallarta Weather

Puerto Vallarta Weather

Puerto Vallarta is one of the most naturally beautiful places on earth, and Vallarta's weather can be described as tropically perfect. The weather in Puerto Vallarta is astonishingly nice boasting 322 days of sunshine each year, with warm and sunny days and cool and comfortable nights. Puerto Vallarta is on the same latitude as Hawaii, and its climate is comparable to that of some tropical islands. Temperatures in Puerto Vallarta can reach 90F in the summer, although sea breezes provide some welcome relief. Winter temperatures are more bearable: between 63F and 88F.

Current Puerto Vallarta Weather


Puerto Vallarta Mexico Weather

Puerto Vallarta is surrounded by jungle, and has considerable rainy weather. The rainy weather season is June through October, with the most rain in September. While the rain can spoil a day at the beach, the storms can be quite beautiful, with rain seeming to march across the hills and lightning lighting up the sky.

October to May see slightly drier Puerto Vallarta weather, while most of the rain falls between June and September. During this period, it rains almost daily (for a few hours in the afternoons). Visitors usually find that this rain is a relief in such warm and humid weather. The rain means that evenings are cooler and more pleasant.

Most visitors to Mexico tend to arrive in the slightly cooler winter months, especially in December and January. Hotels in the off-peak season (between mid-April and mid-December) can be a lot cheaper, with prices sometimes as low as half peak-season rates. However, if you're going for a lot of sightseeing, don't underestimate the energy-sapping quality of the heat.

Whatever time of year you're planning to go, take precautions against sunstroke. Avoid the sun during the hottest time of the day (between noon and 3pm), wear a hat and always carry a bottle of water with you. You should also take care to protect your skin, and reapply sunscreen frequently. When you're swimming in the sea, it's easy to forget about the effects of the sun, but you should take especial care if you're going in the water, as the deceptive coolness might mean that you get sunburn without even noticing the warning signs.

Puerto Vallarta

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